General Information about Eddie:

  • Born in Dayton, Ohio
  • Family moved to Reno when I was 6 months old
  • I have lived here ever since
  • Attended and graduated from local schools
  • Started working a part time job at 14 years of age
  • After graduating, I started my first business which is E.T. Carpet Cleaning, which is still going strong after 27 years of business
  • Over the years I have invested my money in numerous endeavors, which include properties in Oregon, California, and Nevada.  Several business ventures which included day trading, concert promotions and big events, vacation rentals, as an open investor


Boards Served:

  • Alcohol Advisory Committee – City of Reno
  • Galena Country Estates Homeowners Association (5 years)


Volunteer Service

  • Sponsored and donated to various food banks
  • Sponsored various softball and baseball teams
  • Relay for Life
  • Helped raise funds to turn the Reno Arch blue in honor of fallen Reno Police officers


Eddie’s Goals Once Elected:

  • Create a more transparent City Government, which informs the citizenry about why we’re doing what we’re doing
  • Be far more open with the public, so they can make informed decisions on the issues which effect their lives
  • Do what is right for the Citizens of Reno; NOT simply cave to political pressure or pander to special interests
  • Get the people of Reno more involved in determining what’s to be done with their tax money
  • Put more of the major decisions into Ballot Measures, so the Citizens can be heard
  • Bring common sense back to government
  • Work FOR Reno, instead of being the typical politician who only works ON Reno
  • End the petty corruption and fiscal mismanagement which is the current state of Reno politics
  • Bring fiscal responsibility back to Reno’s checkbook


~12 years ago, we were not in debt. : Now we’re $600 million in debt and have an obligation to pay another $300 million in unpaid benefits. That equates to roughly $3,900 of debt per person in Reno. Our beautiful city is on the verge of bankruptcy.

This has to change.~


Sometimes one person DOES make the difference.